IDoF2020 Invitation

Invitation design for IDoF2020, an annual event organised by photographer Stefanos Tsakiris. To celebrate the International Day of Families, he opens up his studio for a day, to all families, offering a free, family portrait. The invitation’s design falls in line with the event’s identity using the display font Canela designed by Miguel Reyes. As stated by Commercial Type it is «a graceful display typeface that defies many of the traditional classifications, its forms are in an ambiguous space between sans and serif, both soft and sharp, modern yet with roots in the classical». Canela is a beautiful example of the classic coexisting with the modern, a concept also reflected within the photographer’s idea to capture traditional family portraits with a distinctive, contemporary aesthetic. Canela works in conjunction and contradiction to the photographers identity, where the sans serif font Mark Pro is applied, aiming to create a “visual dialogue” and a clear distinction between the professional and the event. The invitation is intended for keeping (ex. on a bulletin board) as a reminder for the event.