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Some people go out on Friday night, I design things while watching Hoarders. :)

It is a rite of passage for a designer to create a weather app and I felt it was my time. I have been inspired for some time to create a time lapse based weather app (similar to Solar) that allows the user to "scrub" through a day to see the weather transform hourly. However, where some apps feel confusing to me, I wanted to use the arch of the suns movement as the process to "scrub" through the day since if feels so natural to me. The user can pull the circle from beginning to end to see the 24hr forecast or let it sit to see the current weather. Additionally, a user can tap the top date to see the 5 day forecast (coming soon!)

Still a lot of tweaking to do, but really wanted to work from scratch on this app and create all the icons, backgrounds, etc. I will say a huge thank you to @Paul Flavius Nechita for providing the amazing set of iPhone PSDs. Stay tuned for tweaks and updates!

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Many Thanks!

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