Free Figma Web Browser Mockups

Need to prototype with realistic browser window frames? Been looking for a single resource that has Chrome, Firefox, Safari UI's for both Mac OS and Windows? Look no further!

I made this public Figma file because I wanted a resource like this in my back pocket for the next time I need to prototype something that involves navigating a web browser. I started with only designing for Chrome in Mac OS, but I realized that's not everyone's set up, so I built out other browsers, and then translated them for Windows UI.

This is a free resource ✨ and do kindly let me know if you find a typo or problem (by the way you're better off @-ing me on twitter than leaving a comment here on dribbble) thanks in advance 🙏

As the Figma team continues to roll out amazing new features I'll do my best to go back and retrofit the browser frames in this file. I'm specifically keeping an eye out for improvements to components so they can be truly responsive.

Might also expand upon this to include mobile browser frames as well!

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