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Cowboy Cheer

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Just about nine years ago to the day, I sat in a job interview with my future boss, Bill Gardner, of @gardnerdesign and Bill and I had connected because I had had a few logos in the previous logolounge book.

During my interview we had a chance to talk about some of my work that made it in that book. I happen to remember Bill’s comment on one logo in particular. It was a simple little Cheerleading Cowboy I had done just for fun. Bill’s comment was simply this - “ I am NOT a fan.”

As I was uploading new work this week to the Logolounge site for the Book 12 call for entries I was reminded of that interview. So I thought it would be fun to create a new Cheering Cowboy for the heck of it.

The moral of the story is, If you are a brand designer you really should upload your work to Even if everything you do isn’t great, it just might help you land your dream job one day.

Note: In that interview and since, Bill has also said many nice things to me : )

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