FREE PSDs - iGravertical Screen Layers + iOS 7 Screen Converter

Hey guys,

I've decided to introduce a brand new layout. It's called iGravertical (iGravity + Vertical :)) and you can display up to 4 vertical screens in one shot, check out the 4 screen preview for the real pixels. It consists of the exact same process as the iGravity shots. Simply add your screen to the smart object and you're done! You can grab all of the PSDs here.

iOS 7 Screen Converter

The iOS 7 beta has received a lot of criticism from designers lately, I also agree with most of them, so I thought I'd have some fun! Check out the before and after attachment to see what you can achieve with the file. It allows you to convert your older screens (including the skeuomorphic ones :)) to the iOS 7 style using the PSD file here. Simply paste your JPEG screen in the layer, adjust the blend mode and then choose a blurred background. Let me know what you think!


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