The mountains are my happy place. Now they are doubly so. Mountains are the bigs things you want to do. They are the dreams. Are they far away? Set your eyes on them.

Milestones tell you how far up the mountain you are. Spreadsheets and quarters aren’t natural to me. Seasons I understand. It just so happens that seasons and quarters are both 90 days. What milestones are on your mountain?

As you go up the mountain, the trail becomes less clear. Sometimes you have no clue if you’re even on the trail. Sometimes you wander off trail accidentally. Markers nailed to trees reassure you that you’re heading the right direction. What assures you that you’re still on the trail?

You’re not going anywhere if you’re not taking steps. This is how you move forward, every single day. What steps are you taking today?


Writing my goals and planning tomorrow today is changing my life. It will change yours too. This is my remix of the Daily Manifest by Visualize Value. The icons are designed to be unique yet simple enough for anyone to remember and sketch. Creative independence is the mountain in my sights.

What mountain are you going up?

Phil Smith
It’s Go Time!

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