Cheapest day of the week to buy gas (Animated)


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I took a collection of gas prices since 1979 (adjusted for inflation) and figured out what day of the week is historically the cheapest to buy gas on.

I was able to create a graph using Processing and analyze the results.

The cheapest day of the week to buy gas is Saturday. If you were to only buy gas on Saturdays since 1979, it would be a 7% savings over the most expensive day (Friday).

I attached my jank source code and data source. I'd love to hear some scrutinization of my process to come to these results.

I recommend viewing it at 2x.

Assuming Delta Airlines could take advantage of this savings (and assuming they already don't), that would save them:

$701,317,435 at last years fuel consumption of 3,082,714,000 gallons of fuel which they bought at $3.25/gallon. Both assumptions are pretty vast, and this probably isn't applicable, but it gives a sense of how large 7% savings could potentially result in.

Source: Gas Prices Since 1979 adjusted for Inflation

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