Forgot to post this one a while back.

SponsorX was a Volume11 Media application with a purpose of enabling clients to monitor individual user usage of their site and sell their product across platforms without any conflict.

A constraining issue was that it should be easily identified with the Volume11 logo, and yet be able to stand on its own. Another issue emerged because the SponsorX logo would perform as a design reference to possible future product logos.

With these issues in mind, I had no doubt that simplicity would play a significant role. The logo would have a complementary typeface (bold, contemporary style) and colors (white as primary and yellow as secondary).

The yellow arrow in the "X" sprung from the idea of a play button; however, it also indicates a sense of progressing forward. SponsorX gets them where they want to go at ease.

Typeface: Venera by Joe Prince


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