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  1. Ethan Kramer Ethan Kramer

    Hello dribbblers, how you doing? haven't posted in a while. Check out the awesome new redesign of Fiddles website ( done by @Yannick Lung and @0x60 .

    In a nutshell Fiddles is for those moments of spontaneous inspiration that you just have capture, Fiddles is a fully featured code and markup editor that can be used anywhere to create,debug and share snippets directly on your iPhone or iPad. Fiddles lets you add in jQuery, Prototype, or Mootools and minify your CSS. Also, Fiddles allows you to add in Prefix-Free, and even Normalize CSS. Fiddles supports HTML,HAML,Markdown,CSS,SASS,LESS,CoffeeScript and JS

    Signup on the website if you notified when Fiddles is available on the app store

    10 months ago

  2. Ethan Kramer Ethan Kramer

    Update: hey guys the launch email signup field now works! Sorry about that guys (if you've gone to the website and discovered that it didn't work)

    10 months ago

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