I'm doing a complete iOS 7 redesign, as in the entire operating system.

I'm doing this redesign how I would have done it if I were the designer in charge. I'm not necessarily basing it off of the actual iOS 7 design, but instead making iOS the way I dreamed of it when I first heard it would be 'flatter than before'.

It's going to be a long project I'm going to do in my free time, so here's a peek. Be sure to check out the @2x if you're not on retina!

Edit: You may say that it is as flat as the other iOS 7 redesigns and the actual iOS, but my thinking is that Apple created a real personality for iOS from iOS 1-6, and their abrupt and sudden change to flat resulted in a horrible result. I think they should have done it gradually, first doing something like this that transitions towards flat without losing all personality.

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