UX Tip - Fitts' Law - Principles of UX Design

One of the most essential principles of design is Fitts's Law. _ Tip by @TajanaTomic @bazen.agency Design by @TajanaTomic _ Quicker user can reach target such as a button, more convenient and easy your UI will be for use. The smaller the target size and the longer it takes to reach it - the chance of error is larger. _ Using Fitts 'law will improve performance and reduce errors. _ Find out how you should use Fitts' law in our post. - _ Did you use this UX Design Principle in your design?

Did you know that you are using this UX Design Principle in your design? _ Bonus tip: If you don't want the target to be used or accidentally activated, place the target further away from the more important target and make it smaller. _ Visit our YouTube channel for more cool tips! ➡️ Link in bio. _ Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions for a new tip! 💕🙋

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