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Adam Alphabetical Digital Magazine
Visual Design - Infographic - Typography

The first creative dictionary born from the evolution of language on iPadIt is called ADAM, like the first man in a new era of communication. It is an iPad magazine downloadable from the Apple Store from February.Born from an idea by Luigi Vernieri, created by Fefè Project in partnership with IED, and developed for the iPad by Alessandro Risuleo’s Visual Creative Studio, ADAM is the first creative dictionary in the digital publishing industry, where words and graphics, illustration, video, animation, sound design, music, gesture, a new approach to reading, interactivity, game, web and social network contribute to the creation of a new language.

“The Aleph Issue” is the first issue of the magazine, the absolute beginning. It features 26 words, as many as the letters of the alphabet.
The first letter is A, which follows a cultured red thread visually associated with words listed in alphabetical order: Aa (Aataensic), Ab (Abiogenesis), Ac (AC/CD), Ad (Adam), and so on, definition after definition, up to Az (Aztec).

Coproduction: Simone Mariano
Creative Director: Luigi Vernieri
Art Director: Roberto Terrinoni
Engineering: Visual
Web: Marco Milanese

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