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  1. Aaron C-T Aaron C-T

    Using @Dan Eden's Toast framework and set in Gibson by Canada Type.

    WIP is live at www.aaronct.me.


    11 months ago

  2. andsem andsem

    Bold use of purple my friend! My only point of feedback would be that given the precedent set by how much negative space you have in all other parts of your site (footer social links, the main focal and even the work thumbs) I feel that your name and the accompanying navigation is just a tad too large for the containing white stripe. Perhaps enlarging the stripe or making the text a bit smaller would inject some more visual harmony? Just a thought.


    11 months ago

  3. Aaron C-T Aaron C-T

    @andsem Thanks for the feedback! Looking at it again, you're right – that definitely needs to be cleaned up.

    10 months ago

  4. 10 months ago

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