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Project: Fountain — teaser 006

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Hey guys, I hope you’re still doing well!

This is an organization's "incomplete" logo which will be closely related to our project. Just as before: shapes and letters are missing intentionally. Sorry if I'm being a little bit too mysterious with these shots. ^^

And here goes a new fun fact: Fountain will be a multi-phase experimental project.

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About these strange posts

Project: Fountain will be my most personal and most important work, and the launch of it is near, so I decided to share a few things about it. xoxo

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Featured fun fact ( No.02 ):

The primary color of the service will be purple. There are two reasons behind this decision.

1: One of my favorite designers don’t like purple, and I wanted to make something which he may can like - even if that something is purple.

2: Purple in Hungarian is lila. There is also a sanskrit word lila ( or leela ) can be loosely translated as the “divine play”.

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Fun facts ( this section will be updated ):

- Fountain is just the codename of the project — No.00
- Fountain will be the world's first SRS service — No.01
- Fountain's primary color will be purple — No.02
- ???? ( decipher the meaning of the 5 marks ) — No.03
- Fountain will have 3 core pillars — No.04
- Even the project's codename has meaning — No.05
- Fountain will be a multi-phase experimental project — No.06
- ???? ( coming soon )


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