Ricky Romero

iOS 7 Base Roundrect Shape (PSD)

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iOS 7 Base Roundrect Shape (PSD) resources psd ios roundrect ios 7 rounded rectangle icon shape blue white golden ratio

Close approximation to Apple's distinctly-shaped roundrect icons in iOS 7. I used the grid seen on Apple's iOS 7 Design page as a starting point, and located the Golden Ratio in that grid to start the roundrect radius. Then it was a matter of taking an iOS 7 screenshot, using Difference blending, and tweaking Bézier handles to get it as close as possible.

EDIT: The diagonal Bézier handles were violating the shape's outside pixel boundaries, causing the shape to not scale cleanly. Fixed.

EDIT 2: Here's a great iOS 7 icon template. The shape in the PSD looks as though it's slightly more precise.

This PSD is designed for the base Retina iPhone icons (120×120px).

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