Learning again


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  1. lisa romero lisa romero

    after being out of practice for so long i am relearning how to use goauche for a new client. getting better.


    10 months ago

  2. Kirk Shelton Kirk Shelton

    I dunno, unless you have to use gasoline to clean your brushes, all paint is paint to me.

    10 months ago

  3. lisa romero lisa romero

    i used to think so also, but i have since learned expectations of excellence must be met. so i continue to practice and try not to be afraid of fucking up and having to start over again. and again.

    10 months ago

  4. Marc Aspinall Marc Aspinall

    Looking good. Isn't gouache meant to be thicker by default? opaque? This looks more like wash, which I guess could be achieved with watercolor?

    10 months ago

  5. lisa romero lisa romero

    opaque, yes. gouache should be flatter and even, but unless you mix it just right it doesn't reproduce well for print. watercolor can be streaky, hence the relearning of gouache. old school client equals more traditional means.

    10 months ago

  6. Marc Aspinall Marc Aspinall

    Yes, right on it. Good mix for gouache is for it to represent cream when mixing, so I guess not too thin so that it'll dry without the streaks.

    10 months ago

  7. Kirk Shelton Kirk Shelton

    I guess I dont get it. guache always seemed like thick watercolor to me... I paint with acrylic alot of the time like its watercolor too tho. I hate it when art has rules.

    10 months ago

  8. lisa romero lisa romero

    thanks, marc! working on it. i felt the same, kirk, i like the dirty texture of no-rules painting but in fine representative work there are rules. lots of them. i guess it's never too late to learn.

    10 months ago

  9. 10 months ago

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