iOS7 Settings V1

iOS7 Settings V1

I wanted to take a very very quick stab at using the grid system that they say their icons are based on.

I will say, I do love the new experience in iOS 7, enjoy the radical design change as far as the UI. (There are some missteps but not many.)

However, with that being said, I do not love the icons. (With the exception of the Maps and Calendar)

By no means am I saying this is how it should have looked or anything but I think with the super clean stripped down UI they could have done better with the icons. I am extremely optimistic about the new direction. I think it's a change that is needed from Apple. Everyone is freaking out/scared of this change. Let it soak in and see what comes from it.

I plan on taking a stab at all the Apple app icons, for my own twist (not a remake or correction set - I'm not hating on it).

(Yes this has a very very minimal gradient in it...)

Snag the grid:

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