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Revised this design again. We were playing around with 'retina-izing' couple of icons a while ago and liked how playful everything (eg. the 2px strokes etc.) looked on a non-retina screen. We thought it be fun to use this style on a design we were working on. Think it looks kinda fun combined with the color glows. So no Ultra thin typefaces and lines, instead; retina-ize everything.

As you can see we used the @2x to show the normal @1x design in a context If you're on a retina screen, check out this retina version to see what the bold 2px style looks like.

PS. the button is displayed in it's hover state where the left aqua blue part of the buttons shows a aqua blue glow and the right purple part of the button shows a purple-ish glow (and yes it's nudges up a bit to fit the canvas ;) ).

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