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Nedap, a tech company with human knowledge, located in Groenlo. Nedap is convinced that people and organizations can achieve more than they think possible. We make every effort to understand what people need to excel in their work. Creativity, technological knowledge and a boundless curiosity about what makes people successful are the most important pillars for Nedap.

They want to promote design (design thinking, design principles, case studies with rationale) better. We want this to land in the organization, so that everyone at Nedap knows what design is. And we want to provide tools to help our colleagues make design choices themselves.

You could call the concept myself and the team envisions a platform. Here design is propagated, explained. The place to find inspiration and guidance. Here we explain which values ​​and design principles underlie design at Nedap. You will find a collection of case studies, products and projects that are a striking example of design at Nedap.

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