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Klinic Slab Typeface - Now Available!

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Klinic Slab Typeface - Now Available! klinic slab typeface lost type joe prince serif font letters specimen poster

Hello everyone!

Happy to announce the release of Klinic Slab!

→ Download Klinic Slab
→ Grab a sweet specimen poster

I would like to personally thank Riley Cran for creating the beautiful poster for Klinic Slab that is available on the site, and for just being an overall joy to work with. I want to thank Claire Coullon for designing the stunning specimen image for Klinic Slab, and for displaying all the features in such a pleasing way. I want to thank Dan Gneiding for offering his priceless and invaluable past experiences with me, and for help in planning the release of Klinic Slab. I want to thank Jim Leszczynski for creating a badass stamp that anyone ordering a poster will be fortunate enough to see on the outside of the tube.

And many thanks to everyone else who have been so supportive and generous throughout the past few years. All of you are what keeps Lost Type growing and expanding into a wonderful source for great fonts.


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