What is Good.Design: Responsive blog template

🙋 Responsive design for whatisgood.design

whatisgood.design is a personal project which started as a reaction to the fact that in the past months I wanted to express my personal opinion on certain design concepts and share it with others, but no medium seemed to be appropriate.

This project started as an exploration of two aspects: 1. the medium that I design for 🖌(Playground, the tool in which I designed and built this website) and 2. a personal exploration of a brainstorm medium 📝where I could organize my thoughts in a nice way.

Tool: Playground - Used for design, implementation & hosting
Time (from concept to publish): 8h
Illustrations: Open Doodles
Template: Available soon 🤘

Cheers, don't forget to press L if you find it inspirational & comment if you'd like to get access to this template in Playground, I'll make it work. ✌

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