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I'm working on updating my site. I originally built it out of 100% png images - which is obviously very far from ideal. But I did this because I wanted to have absolute flexibility on what I could put up and I don't code myself.

Now, about 9 months later, I've finally got a great developer working with me and the site is almost fully coded. It's responsive and has a few nice new gimmicks.

It is however not quite finished. I still haven't designed a new home page and I've also been trying to figure out a way to present projects that don't have their own case study (case studies are damn time consuming to make + some projects don't warrant their own case study for one reason or another but I still want to feature them somewhere).

So now I'm thinking about adding a "More projects" tab and have that lead to a tile of Dribbble posts that I pull in with the Dribbble API.

That was the very long intro to a simple post. You can see full view in the attachment.

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