Sign Language Platform – Booking Overview

I worked with Linguabee, a Sign Language Interpreter Booking Platform taking their Web App to the next level.

1) We had the goal of increasing customer retention and easing the interpreter's experience and guesswork.

2) To improve the way customers make requests by easing the way the contact and select options.

3) Enhance Admin capabilities, administrate the experience of getting and systematic method of removing the guesswork for both ends, interpreters, and customers.

At Linguabee, the way they speak about themselves is about working bees, working together to bring goods to everyone. The founders themselves consume the product daily to communicate around. We focused on a process of almost 99% text-based team communication, aside from a couple of visits to Washington DC to kickstart parts of the project.

We engrained being more explicit than implicit in the design and giving each interpreter a face and accessible profile. The nature of the way Linguabee works is by letting customers develop relationships with interpreters.

We launched a new brand and worked an MVP of the application. Parts of the booking customer flow is getting ready for launch.

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