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  1. Martin Karasek Martin Karasek

    App design I'am making in @tapmates

    about 3 years ago

  2. Pavel Maček Pavel Maček

    I would vouch for different colour for Upcoming (it is too close to blue time line). Apart from that, the tabs are gorgeous.


    about 3 years ago

  3. Josh Pigford Josh Pigford

    The "Sell old iMac on eBay" text looks kind flimsy/cheap...but I'm assuming this is the Retina resolution so maybe it looks better when it's scaled down?

    Otherwise I'm digging the tabs.

    about 3 years ago

  4. Martin Karasek Martin Karasek

    @Josh: It looks better on iP4 - this is part from retina document

    about 3 years ago

  5. Ivo Mynttinen Ivo Mynttinen

    When this is for retina, shouldn't be the 1px border 2px instead? I think when scaled down the two 1px lines could appear as one border. Have you tried this out? I would be interested in what the result looks like.

    about 3 years ago

  6. Martin Karasek Martin Karasek

    @Ivo - You are right, but we scale down elements manually - so i can make it 1px on retina and 1px on classic iPhone too.

    about 3 years ago

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