Viva Chocolate "Volcano" Logo Idea

Abandoned the initial direction of using initials as it just feels so blah.

There is a rich background to how Viva Choclat came to be, and it just seems to make more sense to associate this colourful background with the logo mark.

The owner discovered the chocolat in a small local cafe at the foot of the Tungurahua Volcano, Ecuador, and basically decided to start Viva Chocolat from these locally grown Cacao beans.

So with this am trying to style a logo mark that in part reflects the geographical background to Viva's creation as well as some cheeky play on lava flow and chocolat: chocolat lava fountain, or as the client said when seeing this new direction, "taste buds dripping with expectant taste!"

Also couldn't resist adding a somewhat 'borderline acceptable/or not' play on "Flavour Full" with A Pure & Flavour Flow Experience" in the tag line.

The sign-off helps add association to the type of cocao bean and it's geological location.

The flow of chocolat on the volcano is not 'flowing' right at the moment as this was a provisional mock-up to visualise the new direction.

I've had to bring the wording in myself, so trying to format it with the most optimal sounding words whilst creating this mini narrative telling what Viva Chocolat is.

The volcano and chocolat lave flow is a far more ownable and trademarkable logo design than a styled initial V. So hoping I can just tweak the volcano and choc flow enough to really become a standalone mark that can be used to emboss the chocolat bars etc.

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