June Poster

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  1. Olga Vasik Olga Vasik

    june movie poster, full size attached


    11 months ago

  2. Justin Juno Justin Juno

    Looks great!

    11 months ago

  3. Inka Mathew Inka Mathew

    So good.

    11 months ago

  4. Davide Baratta Davide Baratta

    Dig it!

    11 months ago

  5. Ivan Bobrov Ivan Bobrov


    11 months ago

  6. Nikita Prokhorov Nikita Prokhorov

    Chistii klass!!!

    11 months ago

  7. Tim Praetzel Tim Praetzel

    Rad man!

    11 months ago

  8.  Ksenia Belobrova Ksenia Belobrova

    Как всегда прекрасно!

    11 months ago

  9. Joel Felix Joel Felix


    11 months ago

  10. Amilton Paglia Amilton Paglia


    11 months ago

  11. Hannah Hunter Hannah Hunter

    dopeness! love the old school feel

    11 months ago

  12. Chris Edington Chris Edington

    oh wow... very cool

    11 months ago

  13. Yossi Belkin Yossi Belkin

    Total hotness

    11 months ago

  14. Jivaldi Jivaldi

    Always love good vintage illustration. Looks great Olga!

    11 months ago

  15. Anora Campo Anora Campo

    oh gosh, this is pretty!

    11 months ago

  16. Chris Becker Chris Becker

    Well Done.

    Nice use of Color, Nice use of Line, Nice use are your awesome skill.

    Well Done

    11 months ago

  17. Jen Willett Jen Willett

    @Olga Vasik This is spectacular. :) Nice work.

    11 months ago

  18. Room Thirty Six Room Thirty Six


    11 months ago

  19. Jovan Petrić Jovan Petrić

    This's really good in many ways.

    11 months ago

  20. Olga Vasik Olga Vasik

    Thnks everyone! )

    10 months ago

  21. Caitlin McEvoy Caitlin McEvoy

    Why is there not a love button?


    10 months ago

  22. Zack Atkinson Zack Atkinson

    Love the silk screen vibe/imperfections and color scheme. Great piece.

    10 months ago

  23. Kevin Cantrell Kevin Cantrell

    you have some really terrific work!

    9 months ago

  24. Tommaso Dal Poz Tommaso Dal Poz


    about 1 month ago

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