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    I am working on some beginning concepts for an energy company.

    The company role is to help hospitals and other big organizations reduce energy consumption.

    The first logo is showing a connection between solar power as it casts a shadow and the arrow is meant to show energy reduction.

    The second logo is very much to the point, turn off lights and you will reduce your power consumption.

    I like both of these ideas but feel they could be improved. Would love some feedback before I show them to the client.

    colour is on its way, I find I like logos in greyscale to start, if they work like this they will work with colour.

    Thanks guys!

    11 months ago

  2. Cyrus Henderson Cyrus Henderson

    Very clever I really like the bottom one with the border, nice and clean.

    11 months ago

  3. Katie Tower Katie Tower

    I think the top one looks more like a logo than the bottom. I like the second one, but it reminds me more of a type treatment for a poster or something more temporary. What if you took "THE" and "POWER" and made them a lot smaller. and tucked them up closer to "REDUCE", so that the lightening bolt/arrow was more prominent (I'd say you'll probably have to make the icon a bit smaller in proportion, too)? That way you won't have to run "THE" vertically.

    I think that as far as emphasis goes, "THE" is not important and POWER is implied by the lightening bolt, so it would be okay if it was smaller and just there to reinforce the icon.

    Maybe you already tried that?

    11 months ago


    @Katie Tower thanks Katie, I was hoping you might jump in on this. I will take that into consideration. I have a feeling they might fight me on making "the power" smaller but I like the idea so I am going to take it for a spin.

    11 months ago

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