This poster secured a place in the top 20 designs out of 350+ entries for the indiafrica.in 2013 poster design competition.

The illustration is about two children who are born on different parts of the globe and are fortunate enough to experience freedom of thought. It is bestowed upon them as an ability to dream, create and communicate. The children's dreams are depicted as paintings on the walls. Their desire to realize a dream is shown as the paper planes they created ; and their dynamic poses is a reflection of their longing to communicate ideas.

Though freedom comes in many shapes and forms, I believe freedom of thought is the most important thing of all. Freedom of thought converges to an intersection of imagination, creation and communication. Also, it gives confidence to a person and aids him in creating a pathway to his dreams. Further, when such thoughts are communicated, they encourage everyone to seek freedom and follow their own heart. And best of all, inspiring others is the most meaningful thing to do when one has attained freedom. Hence, I believe freedom enables a person to dream, create and communicate which has a great power to liberate others from the shackles of their thought.

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Posted on Jun 5, 2013
Uttam Grandhi
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