Owl pin Rebound

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  1. Ciprian Turcu Ciprian Turcu

    Playing a little, rebound-ing.A different approach to the rebound shot. Did it fairly quickly since I had a inspiration point but most deffinitely did it differently. Can you spot the obvious differences? how about the subtle ones?

    11 months ago


    haha =)

    11 months ago

  3. Mike Bruner Mike Bruner

    I see all the subtle changes. Thanks for taking the time.
    Always appreciate the critiques. Helps.

    11 months ago

  4. Ciprian Turcu Ciprian Turcu

    @Mike Bruner I guess most things are a matter of taste. Like I mentioned in the first comment, I did this really fast, I would still improve a lot on it & play a little. But I am glad if I helped in any way.


    11 months ago

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