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Being that all concerts are cancelled for the foreseeable future, I've been channeling that energy into a number of Metallica-themed side projects (shocking, I know) while we've been "trapped under ice". I've decided to share the progress just to put some new creative out there.

01. 2020 Zorlac/Pushead inspired guitar picks (Not sure if these will ever be anything more than a concept).

02. KL Monogram Redesign - though the years I've been a big admirer of the work Kenneth Lawrence Instruments does. I've spoken to Ken a number of times and while he doesn't intend to ever change his logo (as it's a timeless classic) I've decided to use my learnings from Jessica Hische's SkillShare class and apply them to his KL monogram, in an attempt to improve my typographic/lettering skills (Again, this is strictly conceptual, for fun, and not actually endorsed by Ken himself). I hope one day to own one of his instruments as they have a reputation for being the best quality of craftsmanship. Any Guitar Luthiers looking for ID or Brand work, please reach out.

03. A new 2020 pin design using the graphic from James's shirt from the "live at the metro" in 83' gig - for reference or your viewing pleasure here is a link to Whiplash, which showcases said shirt.

All artwork was created by hand using Procreate on my iPad or pen/pencil to paper. Looking forward to hearing the community's response. 🤘

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