Membership Toolbox in Live! 🎉

Hi everyone! 👋 I'm here today with my second Webflow client project - The Membership Toolbox. I've been recently working with Memberspace crew on a website with a list of over 60 tools and resources to launch and grow a successful online membership business. It's built fully based on Webflow CMS with all of the mosaics in the headers. And it's free to clone via Webflow Discover. I recorded a short video with an overview of the whole project on my Youtube - Including going over how we created the design and how I translated it to Webflow. Let me know your thoughts!

👉 Live site

⬇️ Cloneable Webflow Project

🎥 My Youtube Overview

Posted on Apr 14, 2020
Jan Losert
Website/Product Design & Webflow Enthusiast

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