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  1. Hector Simpson Hector Simpson

    A sign element I'm working on for an iOS app, in the style of Apple's turn by turn instructions.

    Loosely based on the traditional UK sign attached.

    11 months ago

  2. Farzad Ban Farzad Ban

    Lovely style.

    11 months ago

  3. Max Di Capua Max Di Capua

    Killing it on both shots for this project!

    11 months ago

  4. Jordan Moore Jordan Moore

    Lovely stile.

    11 months ago

  5. Paul Ungureanu Paul Ungureanu

    Wonder if the UX would be better if in case of a left turn, the font would be slanted the other way.

    11 months ago

  6. Jason Lenker Jason Lenker


    11 months ago

  7. Christopher Downer Christopher Downer

    It feels like I'm in the countryside!

    11 months ago

  8. Anton Kudin Anton Kudin

    Guys front leg seems slimmer than the other one.
    Interactive element should be accented somehow because normally signs aren't interactive, so user might just ignore the button.


    11 months ago

  9. Spencer E Holtaway Spencer E Holtaway

    @Anton Kudin a photo could be flyposted to the signpost :-p

    11 months ago

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