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Hi guys,

this is the popup for coach feedback. It was kind of tricky to nail it down properly. The main challenge was to allow user to choose a coach on the table view (which is shown on attachement), and view feedback by habit. I tried to make things clean as much as possible. Let me know what you think.


✔ you are looking at feedback for selected coach
✔ you can see all habits he has feedback for, first is selected by default
✔ you can choose a habit to view the feedback for this specific habit
number of votes/upvoting/downvoting
✔ if you're a coach and viewing your own feedback you can reply to comments left by other users
✔ by clicking on magnifying glass icon you're going to habit page
expand all comments (shown on attachment)
✔ top row is part of table where a list of coaches is displayed

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Feedback is welcome as always!

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