I'm super excited about the launch for Glow (glowing.com)! Looking forward to creating new solutions for infertility. Thanks to all the folks at D11! http://allthingsd.com/video/max-levchin-at-d11-glow-fertility-app


Since Dribbble is a great place to share thoughts on design. Here's some thinking behind the logo:

I wanted the name to be the logo vice versa. So I consciously stayed away from having any icon in front of the name. When time comes where we need to display an icon, the "G" will be the logo.

I wanted to suggest playfulness through the use of color. I did a color study with many different women. This purple was chosen by the majority. I also think the color purple suit very well to suggest its procreation between a male (blue) and female (pink).

I played with a ton of concepts to try to explain "life" within the logo. It was challenging because I wanted it to be tasteful without being tacky/predictable. What I ended up with is simply a "G" drawn to suggest a baby inside mother's belly. Try to imagine a baby's head on the bottom in a curled up position.

Anyways, hope you guys like it. And if there's any product designers out there interested in working with us, email me at kevin@glowing.com!

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