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Hey Guys, I'm so thrilled to announce that we have launched Juiiicy for good after 3 months working all weekends on it! It's so awesome for Jeremy and me to build and launch something that could help a lot of freelance designers. We already sent so many invites but please feel free to send your emails to contact@juiiicy.com to get an access to the platform or request your invite here http://www.juiiicy.com/

I attached many screens so you could see how it works and here's a VIDEO showing all the subtle animation we did to enhance the user experience:

My dear friends designers.... If you already have access to the site. I want you to know that we tried to make it as perfect as we can. But this is a side project. We both have a fulltime job so we both felt that the site was good enough to be shipped. It will get there with time :)

I'm preparing a nice article about it.


So if you like that project spread the love and to not miss anything follow us to stay in touch with the project.


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