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Why are some designs in Dribbble so beautiful while others mediocre?

I asked this question to myself as I browsed all the amazing shots from designers around the world. Then I realize something: It's the mediocre designs that take time that actually builds competency to produce a professional design in less time.

This piece took me about an hour. I gathered a couple of shots as inspiration in my artboard. I picked up my note and started mentioning the elements like buttons, header, etc. I then list out all the icons I will be needing for the project. I sketched four different designs and ended up going with this one.

I then head to 'remixicon' and they have some beautiful icons. A huge shoutout to them. After I have gathered all my icons, I start designing.

As I design, I start with default font. I make sure the design looks as good as it would look in the production font. Next, I duplicate similar elements to maintain consistency.

I spend some of my time paying attention to the detail. But I am careful not to go too deep. The deeper you go, the later you finish. After I have felt like I have made the initial design, I start filling in colors, fonts, and images.

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