UI Tip - How to Improve Typography in Your IG Posts

Why is typography super important? 🙌 _

Design by @StefanTosic _

What is the basic and primary function of a text? Successfully sending of the message. How can we convey a message if our typography is dysfunctional or over the top? Therefore, it is important that we carefully choose what we will write as well as the style we will display it in. 💌 _

Most importantly, the text should be readable and approachable. The reader must be motivated to read, instead of trying too hard to understand the message. _

Every time a designer uses small text with little spacing an UI designer cries. Always keep this in mind! Give your text a room to breathe, and your user also. _

Keep it simple and easy. Don't over-emphasize, use subtle ways to do that. These are NOT rules, but good practices and recommendations. _

What are some common typos you've came across? Do you have any other trick to share with us? Tell us in the comments 👇❤️

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