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Here we have a task catalog. This is where workly populates all pre-defined tasks with a pre-defined price. Each credit is around $99. You can go on a subscription-based model, or on a credit-based model.

Some of these tasks are simple and quick improvements that can be made to your Shopify store.

Workly is a fake name for a real project that went sour. I guess that still happens to this day.

Workly is a subscription-based Shopify task management tool that offers on-demand, pre-set or custom tasks. Basically they help you easily manage your Shopify store.

We started the project in late 2019. Through the process, we conducted preliminary UX research including Competitive benchmarking, User flows, Navigation restructures, and Information architecture review on task cards, task management, and catalog.

In addition to our UX research, we conducted a complete UI design overhaul creating a scalable design system with a revised color scheme, typography, grid system, and general style.

Even though the project didn't end positively, we decided to share final designs, instead of keeping them closed off to the world.

Thanks to Matt (UX), Wes (UI), and Goutham (UI), for their help on the project.

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