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I sketch the original concept when I was in Highschool. Maybe in early 2017. When I graduated from Highschool in 2018, I started working on a more polished version of this design.

This design is pretty old. This was meant for my previous startup so I had kept it private. Now that I am engaged in another one, I think it's fine to share.

When I was in Highschool Club, we had the needs of different chat rooms for different discussions. I didn't know about Slack when I originally designed this. I designed chatrooms, an activity page, and a chat box. Later on when I designed this newer version, I added elements like search.

Group Work still might be a market for someone who wants to understand the needs and solve the problems. Especially the areas where fancy companies reject. For example, student clubs. They are not financially attractive, they are not "modern" and we just don't feel like it.

Thanks for being here.

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