Task Management - Dask

The aim of this app is to bring users together as they work and increase productivity.

When tasks are divided between 'me' and 'them', I believe two things are clear:
1. I am responsible for work
2. I am a part of a team

The progress circle of team members keeps strong and industrious morale. This is just a sample design created in about an hour.


A personal story: Dask

When I was 18, I decided I would start a company named Dask. I had shut my startup called Dubinu back recently and I was looking for next thing to do. The name was supposed to be Dubinu Task which became Dask.

So I decided I would "buy" this domain: Dask.com

I went to Whois and looked up the owner's email address. He seemed some Chinese, Japanese or Korean person from his name in his Email address. I honestly don't know to this day.

I sent him a text, "Hey, do you own Dask.com?"

About a week later he replies " Yes "

I ask "How much do you plan on selling the domain for?"

I was expecting somewhere around $100 - $300.

Then came an email a few days later.



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