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In 2019 March, I got struck by an Idea. What if we document everything? By everything, I mean the works we do. I imagined our tasks being elaborated in a detailed manner so that we could understand them and get support whenever we needed it.

Traditionally you would watch a video or read a blog to help yourself. If you ask me, I don't read blogs unless my life is on the line. I want something short, quick and easy to implement.

That's why I created Insteps. Insteps allows anyone to instruct or guide through the help of to-do lists.

Imagine being a teacher or a business. You have to take care of your customers or students. You would normally go for a one-to-one approach like phone calls or meetings in person. But this process is not scalable. As your audience grows, your presence is demanded in a couple of more places.

That's why we created Insteps. So that you could create a list of things to do for solving a problem or teaching a course and just forward the link to them.

They receive a to-do list explaining things to do.

But why to-do lists? Why not simple documentation blogs?

Well with to-do lists, users will be able to interact with your help and you can receive reports so that when you go to help them, you will know exactly what they have already done and where it is that you need to help them.

Sounds pretty convincing to me.

I designed Insteps and at the moment, we are upgrading our servers so the website is currently inaccessible.

If you are interested, please drop a comment.

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