[Daily UI-001] Facebook Redesign

Hi everyone, this is my first dribbble shot of Facebook onboarding!
During the observation, I found inconsistencies in the existing design. Therefore, I redesigned it in order to fix the bad user experience.

1. The old brand identity of Facebook.
2. Button inconsistency.
3. Footer navigation is cluttered.
4. Old style illustration.
5. Information Architecture (IA) fallacy.

What did I fix?
1. I changed the old style of the Facebook brand into its latest brand identity.
2. I added a representative illustration style and an animation map by using Lottie.
3. The login button in the existing design is too small if compared with the signup button. Both of them have different colors. Hence, I created the same size buttons and unified color. Buttons have two types here, the medium emphasis for secondary action (login) and high emphasis for primary action (sign up). Sign up button should look prominent because it relates to conversion rate.
4. Footer navigation is classified and grouped. I placed the language option on the top in order to switch the language effectively.
5. Instead of separating first name and surname, I changed it into full name.
According to a research article on Medium, the structure of a name is not the same across cultures. Users who visit your site will consist of a broad range of people from different countries. Your name field should be culturally inclusive so that no one struggles to fill out your form. With most things in life, having two is better than one. But when it comes to name fields, having one is better than two.

I appreciate any constructive feedback!
Thank you for stopping by! :)

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