Steam UI Activity Panel Concept

Steam UI Activity Panel Concept

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I have been using Steam app for about a year now, and I’m surprised that Valve is getting any money selling games through it, as the whole experience is far from perfect (with the exception of the checkout).

Today, I decided to redesign the Steam UI, to be actually useful again, whilst taking into account plenty of requirements, such as: positioning store as a primary entity, optimising the UI for both user experience and sales, whilst also making it more useful to an average gamer.

The concept is a little rough and I admit, there’s plenty to improve. Steam was always a weird mix of native and web app elements, but I know that underneath that web skin, there’s a powerful API, which could be nicely harnessed to work in fully native environment.

This is just a very first concept, thus I’m going to continue to work on the rest of the screens and possibly a Web-based prototype as well.

Your feedback is very welcomed, especially if you use Steam on a daily basis (regardless of your platform of choice).

This design has been done entirely in Sketch (yes, Sketch is awesome).

PS. Check the attachment for details!

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