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Design is an expression of your creative thinking.

My first step in any design work is to let myself go wild. I visualize 10 different things about a topic. Creative and breathtaking ideas sometimes come from this process. I note down all the things I get in a blank worksheet.

I start sketching a couple of designs. I imagine myself creating the final output of each design. This gives me a fairly clear picture of what I am sketching will turn out to be like.

After I listen to my own creativity, I head to search engines to see how other people have produced. I look at the designs, think about their thinking process and add notes.

After I finish browsing stuff online, I update my sketches as per the ideas jotted down in my worksheet. This phase is key in deciding whether I want to mix two brains or preserve originality. Both have their pros.

After I gather my ideas, I start designing. I spend a couple of hours and present a final output. After I do it, I either share it to the concerned party or leave the table for about three days to come back with a fresh perspective.

Usually, after a short break, I see the things I was initially blind to. I work to improve my design and it turns out much better.

This design here is the result of two revisions.

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