Howdy? 👋

I’m here with another pizza 🍕 but this time with a cool neon effect!

🤔 How did I achieve this effect?

1. Duplicate your design a few times — 3-4 would be enough
2. Choose the last layer you duplicated and give it 4px Gaussian Blur
3. The next one will get 3px Gaussian Blur and the next one 2px
4. The main layer that goes to front will get 1px or nothing — It all depends on how you would like it to be
5. Put them on top of each other and done ✅

💡You can also just use Outer Glow to see the neon effect but it wouldn’t look as good as this

🚨Keep that in mind that these numbers are just examples. You might need to keep playing with numbers till until you feel happy with it. You can always go back to Appearances panel and change numbers

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