Calum Foad 'Hope' Single Art

Cover art for an upcoming single 'Hope' by Calum Foad.

The brief was to keep it simple and minimal - The song is a relaxed piano based track with an ultimately hopeful message, as such the art needed to reflect the paired backed nature of the music without appearing too morose or downbeat. The client had often used a painterly multicolour look in their release art, so that same motif was incorporated, but in the form of light this time. A mountaintop image is a fairly clear evocation of overcoming boundaries or striving for something greater, which hopefully isn't too clichéd!

The silhouette is taken from a press shot of the artist, so will be consistent with press materials also released along with this single.

The logo design is the client's existing logo and was not created by me.

Joshua Swabey
Design Lead by day. Dicking about with shiny stuff by night.

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