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Early homepage proof of concept. The homepage should communicate the breadth of subjects that you can search for in our database to find an instructor/expert in a subject that you would like to learn. Lessons can be either online or local, still working on how/where to fit that in the visual communication of this page. There is still a whole bunch of real estate below this, so taking advantage of that space is potentially an option.

The background image fades out and a new image/slide fades in and subtly slides left about 10 pixels before pausing. Each slide will be for a totally different kind of instruction/subject, such as tutoring, or yoga, for example.

In the tutoring example, the copy would be tutoring-specific, and the button copy would also reflect tutoring.

Images are just placeholders.

Any feedback you fine folks from the dribbble community might have for me would be much appreciated!

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