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This is the discussion widget around your habit (well or in fact anything you like) that I'm trying to make look clean and intuitive.

✔ "3" shows a number of new comments from last visit
✔ you can load earlier comments
✔ little category icons - cool feature to search for discussions around this categories. Pretty cool if you ask me!
reply to a comment, start a discussion
upvote/downvote a comment
ask Mila for a date

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Also I have an alternative version of "Reply" button so you can tell me which one you like better? I'm curious. Intentionally showing it in context as this bold reply with background can look good at little shot but when you see the whole picture it's easier to tell. Should I make "Add comment" the only bold button on this view?

Check out other shots from this project

Feedback is welcome!

EDIT: Urls are updated to cloud app since attachements have not been loaded for some reason. Thanks!

UPDATE: Dribbble team rocks!

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