Musician Flutist Webpage

A new web project for a talented musician.

The guidelines were the following:

- Classy
- Creative
- Art

The goal - Telling a story.

The colors had to be in the beige range, and I had to avoid high contrast between sections and elements. Actually, the palette is inspired by the beautiful dress from the photo session, which we use for this website. You can see it on the mockups as well.

Fonts - For heading font, I've searched a handwritten one to add a more unique and authentic style. I'm not a big fan of this kind of fonts, but Amatic SC fits perfectly for me. For body/paragraphs font, I use the narrow font (Open Sans Condensed) because of the amount of text, especially in the biography section.

Forthcoming - I start coding the site, and I have no wait to see it live. I will experiment with animations and parallax effects. It would be WordPress, of course, because the client needs to extend the content of the site by himself.

You can check it out on

Press L if you like it! :)

Miro Arabadjiev
Digital Design Strategist

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