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Quarantine time is perfect for broadening horizons and learning new skills, isn’t it? Check out the way we’ve visualized an app that offers a wide range of programming courses. Novice devs would definitely find it helpful!

📚 When we search for programming courses, our primary focus is on gaining new skills. To allow future devs to quickly find what they want to learn, we opted for a minimalistic style with a lot of white space.

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Created by Anastasia Martyan

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PS We know to utilize UI/UX design to make users fall in love with a product. Check out how we used our skills to:
- raise $400k as capital for startup
- streamline cryptocurrency e-wallet
- reboot a Real Estate startup
- help newbies jump into investing
- conquer the chef freelance market
- simplify the life of event organizers
And that's not all — you can find more case studies in our Blog! 💜

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